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We produce excellent and consistent mushroom compost with respect for the people and the neighbourhood.

Raw materials for mushroom growing

  • Mushroom compost

    The base for mushroom compost is straw, horse manure and chicken litter. That nutrient base is inoculated with mushroom mycelium. A few weeks of intensive treatment result in a compost that is fully incubated with the mushroom fungus.

    Casing soil

    The mushroom compost is placed in seedbeds by the grower and then covered with a layer of casing soil, a mix of peat and spent lime. High-quality casing soil is necessary to allow the mycelium to bud.

    Growing advice

    Our growing advisors assist the grower to get the best results. That is done by maximally adapting the growing conditions to the compost. For Sterckx, growing advice is not a side activity but an essential part of the service.

    Customized for every grower

    Growing mushrooms requires a lot of professional knowledge and flexibility from the grower. Therefore, we match our deliveries to the specifications of each grower. Our range offers different varieties and we invest in order to meet the desired delivery arrangements.

At Sterckx, it is all about quality and flexibility.


Horse manure collection

Horse manure collection

Every week, Sterckx turns about 110 trailers of horse manure into high-quality mushroom compost. That horse manure is collected by our trucks in a 200-km radius around Roeselare.

Chicken litter collection

Chicken litter collection

Every week we process large volumes of broiler litter. That litter serves as a source of nitrogen for the mushroom compost. Because broilers live on wood shavings, their litter is dry and easy to process.

Transport of waste

of waste

Sterckx is certified for the transport of various waste materials. From bovine manure to goat manure and green waste. Complete the questionnaire for a customized quotation.

Sustainability is key

We communicate openly about our sustainability policy. With the neighbours, but also with our staff and the government. It is the best way to build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

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