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Mushrooms The New Superfood

Mushrooms The New Superfood


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Over 2.500 different mushrooms grow in the wild aroud the world. This report focuses on the nutritional composition and potential health benefits of the

A. bisporus species, which includes the white mushrooms (button mushrooms, closed cup mushrooms, open cup mushrooms and large flat mushrooms) and the brown mushrooms (also called chestnut, champignon marrom, crimini or portabello mushrooms). It summarises, with accompanying references, some of the key research projects from around the world.
A. bisporus is the most extensively cultivated mushroom in the world, accounting for 38 % of the world production of cultivated mushrooms and 95 % of UK sales.

Cultivated mushrooms are readily availbable in either fresh, frozen or canned preparations, however they do not home-freeze successfully. They are often a popular ingredient in many ready prepared foods such as pizzas, casseroles and salads.

Mushrooms are considered part of the fruit and vegetable food group and each serving (80 g is about 14 baby buttons, or 4 large closed cup mushrooms, or a large flat or portabello mushroom, or a handful of sliced mushrooms) counts toward the 5-A-DAY target.

Mushrooms share some of the benefits of fruits and vegetables in that they are low in energy, and are virutally free of fat and sodium. A Bisporus mushrooms are a source of fibre and are fairly rich in vitamins and minerals. They contain an especially high amount of B vitamins and potassium. In addition, they contain other substances that may have potential health benefits and play a role in the prevention of serious diseases.

Find here the full report from Jane Clarke, nutritionist.
Now the expansion of the hall for horse manure comes to completion.

Horse manure hall is enlarged


For the neighbourhood

This will enable us to store more horse manure and to keep it for a longer time.

Also a sprinkler system has been installed to humidify the horse manure at arrival.
This is especially important in summer when the horse manure arrives dry.

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